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Top1surf Manual Traffic Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this site work?
This site is a 4:3 traffic exchange system. It helps webmasters to promote their sites and affiliate/referral links from other programs. For each site you visit using our system you'll receive one visitor back to your own Web site or referral link!
Is it free to participate?
Yes, it is absolutely free!
How many accounts can I create?
Members are limited to one account per person. If you create more than one account, all your accounts will be terminated. However, you are welcome to refer your relatives (even if you share the same computer and/or IP address).
How can I earn hits to my site?
To start earning hits you must signup, log in to your members account, and click on the "Start Surfing" menu option.
And what about your referral program?
We have five-tier referral program (10%, 5%, 3%). It means that you'll receive 10% of hits earned by people whom you've directly referred, 5% of hits earned by people referred by your referrals and so on through 5 tiers!
Can I buy extra credits?
Yes you can purchase extra credits using the 'buy credits' link on the members page. High Hits offers several credit packages.(If you are a free member you can gain more credits by upgrading)
Do you accept non-English sites?
Non-English sites can be submitted with appropriate country targeting only.
Can I refer new members using spam?
If we receive any reports about you promoting service using unsolicited email, your account will be terminated and all credits and money you've earned will be lost.
How do I withdraw my earnings?
You can withdraw your earning at any time, when they reach $6 or more. The payment will be sent with Paypal or Alert Pay within 5 days of your request.
How to delete a site?
To delete a site, you first need to go to the assign credits area and make certain the auto-assign value is set to 0%. Then go to "my sites" and click on the name (not the url) of the site you want to delete. A page will come up with options to edit or delete the site.
Why is my site on hold?
A site will automatically go on hold if it is left unverified. To take your site off hold you need to click on the site name(not the url) on the 'my sites' page. You can then change your 'hold' status to 'rotating'.
My site has popup windows. Can I participate?
Only one popup per site is allowed. Please read our "Terms".
Why can I not login?
Several reasons could apply here. Have you received and verified your email address? Does your account show suspended? If so and you do not know why, please contact us.
Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, make sure your caps lock is not on. If you do not remember your username or password, request the info be sent to you, link is on the login page.
If none of the above apply, contact us for assistance.
Cannot surf, why?
This can be caused by several different reasons. Number 1 reason is, you have not entered a site url in your account. System requires at least one site be entered in order to surf.
Is your browser setup or anti-virus software blocking our domain?
If none of the above apply, try cleaning your browser temp files and cookies. After cleaning, close your browser and restart.
If the above does not solve your issue, please use the contact link and give us the details about your problem.
Why am I getting wrong click messages?
We suggest clearing your cached files, temp internet files, clearing cookies and basically doing a thorough clean up on your computer. Close your browser and restart. You might even try re-starting your computer after the thorough clean up.
If you are using Windows, here is a great little free tool I have been using for years that does a good job assisting your PC clean up process.
Also make sure you are not logged in twice, i.e. on another computer, test my logging completely out using the logout link and logging back in.
Another common reason is your mouse settings or your mouse is causing a double click. If this is happening on other exchanges with a similar script, it could be your mouse causing the problem.
This can also be caused by your browser or by refreshing the page rather than moving to the next site without refreshing.
If you are careful in choosing the correct image, other problems could be browser settings blocking the surf bar script.
Also some of the new and updated browsers will need to be viewed in full screen mode. Find the icon usually at the top right of your browser and change your browser to full screen.
Contact us if this rare issue persists for you and you have tried the suggestions above.
Why is my Account Suspended?
There can be several reasons. Number one issue is emails bouncing back to our server. If you have not been receiving regular updates this could be the issue.
Since we cannot continue to send emails to invalid or bouncing email accounts, the script auto suspends until the email is corrected.
Contact us with a valid email address to add to your account for re-activation.
If you have been using cheat software to surf, or have entered sites deliberately that break the terms of service or offend or could cause damage to other members, your account will not be re-opened.
How long will it take to receive my commission once I request it?

You can expect to receive your commission within 72 hours or less.
How do I request a commission?

Log into your main members page (when you reach a minimum of $5 and click on the "Convert" link on the main menu. You will see the "Click Here to request cash-out" link at the top".
What is a manual traffic exchange?
A trafffic exchange is a great way for website owners, small business owners, and opportunity seekers to generate traffic to their websites. The concept is very simple... if you visit my website, I will visit yours!
What is auto-assigning?
Auto assigning means simply that the credits that you have earned by surfing and from your referrals are automatically applied to the url(s) that you have listed. Nester members must auto-assign 50% of their credits, Bald Eagle must auto-assign 25% and Soaring Eagles must auto-assign 0% of their credits.
Active Members
*Active Legitimate Members are defined as members who have at least 1 legitimate site in rotation, with credits assigned to it. The member will also have surfed a minimum of 80 sites in a 24 hour Server Day and will login daily.

Members must not falsify their location by use of Proxy IP or editing of Text. Corporate IP's, dot edu sites, and Internet cafe locations also will make a member ineligible for rewards and may cause their suspension.

Referral Contests and Bonuses Policy

From time to time a cash Bonus may be offered for the recruitment of Active Legitimate Members*. However, due to the large amount of cheating that occurs whenever such rewards are offered, strict guidelines exist to protect all the legitimate members of Top1surf

The use of any Program to offer cash rewards for others to activate an account at Top1Surf is deemed to be cheating.

Only the Incentives offered by Top1Surf may be advertised.

Members from certain geographical locations, due to a long and large history of cheatings ,are not eligible and will not be counted in contests, nor will rewards be paid on them.

All members living in China, Pakistan, Vietnam and any other location deemed suspect by Admin are not reward for joining, nor are rewards paid for their recruitments
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